Yoga for mind and body

Had the most amazing yoga class at our local Buddhist temple yesterday evening. This was the first time I’d taken a class there and I loved it. It is exactly how I feel yoga should be. So much good energy there. I left feeling as if I were floating on a cloud. And it wasn’t just me. When class was over, all of us who attended were sitting in the entrance area putting on our shoes and talking about what an amazing experience we had and how peaceful we felt. I think we all regretted having to leave. Happy Friday!
Tibetan Center


For me, Spring represents the “New Year” much more than the actual turning of the calendar year in January. Spring exemplifies life and each year I pause to give thanks to the Universe, God, the Great Spirit…. that I have been blessed to live out another year on this earth and witness this rebirth. It’s a time of nurturing, tending my gardens, dusting out the cobwebs both physically and spiritually. It’s a time of reflection, planning and hope for things to come.


Photo by Teresa Bass – all rights reserved

Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes

of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.

Author Unknown

Little House on the Community Garden

Our community garden just opened for the season. Since this is my first time gardening in a community environment, I have no idea what to expect. When I first went to our garden plot this weekend my heart sank a little…it was just a small 10X20 rectangle…surrounded by many, many other small little rectangles. I immediately felt claustrophobic. This wasn’t my gig. I don’t like crowds and definitely don’t like being just a number. I-8. That’s me in the community garden world. But, I was committed. I’d paid my fee and was going to garden.
gardenSo the gardening commenced. Even though the ground was tilled, it still needed more cultivating. So Saturday I turned the soil. Broke up clumps. Appended the soil. Built my structure for sweet peas and cucumbers and plotted out my square foot gardening space. The work felt good and it was good to be out in the fresh air. It had been such a long winter.  As I continued my work, grooming what I was now starting to consider my acre, an older gentleman stopped by to chat. I-5. He said he had been gardening here for 3 years for the same reason I did…too much shade at home. He said every year he’s had beautiful vegetables from his garden and was quite happy with his space. We chatted a bit and he said his good-day to start his work. Possibly this wouldn’t be horrible. I mean I now know I-5.
neighborsSunday was another pretty day, so I loaded up the car and headed back to my little homestead. I had my veges in tote and was ready to start putting to bed some of my plants. My mood was improving about this venture. I called a friend who lived close by and she and her dog came by to keep me company and help out a bit. This was great! I’ve always been a rather solo gardener and never had anyone help me garden before. This could work. As the afternoon progressed a few other people stopped by to chat. J-1 was planting potatoes and stopped to say hello and shake my hand. Two other women who happened to be touring the gardens and were curious, also stopped to chat and ask a little about the community garden experience.  They had nothing but praise for my farm and my square foot gardening.  My spirits soared.
My homestead
And so begins my community gardening experience. I’ll keep you posted as my vegetables hopefully sprout and grow with the coming rains and warm summer blanket that will soon be upon us. Thanks for stopping by!