I was sitting on the beach the other day at a local lake, doing some bird watching. The Seagulls were so funny to watch. If one would pick up an object, the others would immediately want it and a scuffle would commence. While the entire thing was quite comical, what I did find sad was some of the things they were fighting over were plastic bottle caps and rings that washed onto the shoreline. I hoped they weren’t eating them. But I have to say the movie “Nemo” definitely captured Seagulls personalities! If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must. So funny. The birds with the orange beaks are called Caspian Terns. They were quite chill and weren’t joining in the seagull ‘games’.
Sea gull Mine! Mine! Mine! Caspian Tern/Sea gullMine! Mine! Mine!
Photos by Teresa Bass – all rights reserved

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